Liselott Stenfeldt

Liselott Stenfeldt works at Interactive Spaces Lab, part of the Alexandra Institute. The Interactive Spaces lab works with projects focusing on IT integrated in the physical surroundings (such as room and buildings in which we live and work, the landscapes and the public- and urban spaces in which we move). In all projects the aim is to push boundaries of research, design, architecture, engineering and software – existing form and functions, to create something new.

At Interactive Spaces Lab, Liselott manages projects in the urban surroundings – examining future scenarios of how our cities can be experienced in new ways.

The focus of her talk will be on the public installation SwingScape, and the design issues in the development of interactive installations like this, featuring kinesthetic interaction and immersive music experiences.

The overall design objective for SwingScape was on simplicity and playful interaction embracing social and collaborative atmospheres. The project investigates how this could be obtained by utilising light and sound as the main forms of expression in order to affect the manner in which we act in public environments.

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