This is the list of the speakers that were part of Oslo LUX 2015!

Eduardo Kac is internationally recognized for his telepresence and bio art. He will be talking about his project GFP Bunny (2000), which will also be part of this years exhibition.

Koo Jeong A has been working on the reinvention of spaces with site specific works. Koo’s most recent project is a skatepark pavilion in collaboration with L’Escault Architectures and is located on Vassivière Island, France.

Antony Evans is the CoFounder of the Glowing Plant project, in San Francisco, a synthetic biology application using bioluminescent to make plants glow in the dark.

Little Sun is a solar-powered LED lamp developed by artist/architect Olafur Eliasson. Project will be presented by Andrea Heuer. The first 100 full paying visitors will get a free Little SUN.

Paolo Di Trapani is a physicist, a Professor of Optics at Insubria University in Como, Italy. Paolo has developed CoeLux®, a technology that artificially reproduces the sky and Sun that are virtually undistinguishable from reality.

Christine Istad and Lisa Pacini (IstadPacini ArtLab) will be talking about the Traveling SUN: a road trip and a site specific art project.

Living-Lights---EIIDEdith Isdal will talk about the exhibited work “Living Light” and her experience growing and working with bioluminescent algae.

banner5 copyNatasha Barrett is an international renown composer working interdisciplinary with music, research and creative uses of sound. She will talk about her latest work combining bioluminescence with sound.

Anthony Rowe is founder and creative lead of digital arts group Squidsoup. He is the creator of several internationally recognized works of light art.

Helga Iselin Wåseth is a professional light designer at ÅF Lighting. She will talk about the challenges of implementing new, or different technology in public areas and in municipal operating norms.

Stahl Stenslie is an artist, curator and researcher specializing in experimental media art, interactive experiences and disruptive technologies. As co-founder of Oslo LUX he will talk about innovative use of bioluminescene in art, architecture and design.