Ruairi Glynn :: The Lamp & The Glowworm


What strange lifeforms will appear in our new world of robotic agency, intelligent buildings, and media saturated cities? What motivations will these lifeforms have? What behaviours will they evolve and where will they occupy? Mixing animatronics, with domestic home furniture, The Lamp & The Glowworm is an interactive installation in the tradition of surrealist intervention. It explores the human capacity to suspend disbelief, projecting life into things that in all rational terms are devoid of life and the emotional connections that can form through interaction.

Credits: Ruairi Glynn, Robin Skytte Jensen & Mie Dinesen

With Support of Richard Roberts, Ollie Palmer, Johan Hindal Grimsæth, Victoria Hovland, Anna Theresa Lyst Rubin and Lena Gade

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