Pretty Concrete :: Aurora Nebula


A collaboration between Svein Inge Bjorkhaug and Nick Stevens. The pair have produced artwork together since graduating from the interaction masters at the design school AHO in Oslo. Pretty Concrete aims to explore the possibilities that projectors offer, especially in bringing interactive artworks outside into the urban environment where the general public can be surprised while observing and interacting with the pieces. Nick teaches interaction at AHO while Svein is part of a UBC research project at AHO redesigning the control centre of ships bridge.

While at first the piece seems a simple projection of vertical lines on a screen, when users touch or deform the flexible screen these lines immediately respond by forming contours encircling that point of touch. This instant and perfectly mapped response is quite beguiling, enticing the user to explore the artwork further and encouraging friends to experience it with them. The projected images and lines almost appear holographic, floating above the surface.

This artwork was made with the help of Norsk Kulturråd and AHO.

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