Oslo Lux 2013

Oslo LUX 2013 is a one day celebration of the intersections of LIGHT, SPACE and TECHNOLOGY. The event will feature a range of national and international artists, designers and architects: lighting designers, interaction designers, interactive architects, media artists, installation artists and creative technologists from around the world will be presenting the latest trends and discoveries in this rapidly developing field.

The full line-up will be announced shortly.

LUX is a series of conferences and associated exhibitions that probe the boundaries of light, space and interaction. The events explore, experience and analyse recent developments in art, design and architecture.

The first Oslo LUX took place in January 2011, and consisted of 10 speakers working with light, space and technology (details below). About half of the speakers also presented work in an associated exhibition that took place at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The format was then replicated in Wellington, New Zealand as WGTN LUX. Online details of the events at http://oslolux.no and http://lux.org.nz

Both events were hugely enjoyable and informative, and so we are planning a slightly larger event this time – though still aiming to retain the intimacy of the original.

Oslo LUX 2013 will happen on Thursday 7th February 2013.

Norway in February is cold but beautiful – we can promise a friendly and intimate atmosphere, and a memorable occasion.


Oslo LUX was founded and is organised by Anthony Rowe and Ståle Stenslie. Additional organisation from Edith Isdal and Meghan Reynard.

Anthony Rowe is a Research Fellow at Oslo school of Architecture and Design, and also founder and creative lead of Squidsoup, an international experimental digital arts group that have been exploring the overlaps between sound, interaction, real and virtual spaces since 1997. Squidsoup’s work has been shown internationally at numerous events including Ars Electronica, Siggraph, the V&A and ISEA.

Ståle Stenslie is a visual artist, curator and media researcher specializing in experimental art and design.  He has been exhibiting and lecturing at major international events (ISEA, DEAF, Ars Electronica, SIGGRAPH), represented Norway at the 5th biennial in Istanbul and won awards like the Grand Prize of the Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs for new media and traditional artistic expression. He has been a professor both the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany and at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO).

Contact: oslolux@gmail.com

light, interaction, art, installation, dynamic, visualisation, immersion, interactive art, interaction design, interactive architecture.

Oslo Lux theme and logos designed by KASSETT


Oslo Lux 2011 was a one day seminar with associated art exhibition that explores the intersections of light, space and interaction.

Bringing together leading international practitioners (artists, designers and researchers) using technology and light in new and dynamic ways, Oslo Lux maps out the leading edge in visualisation and immersive techniques using light in physical space.

The main venue is the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, and the seminar takes place on Friday 21st January 2011.

Several exhibited pieces are on display during and after the one-day seminar, celebrating creativity and light.

The seminar combines talks, lectures and a series of one-off public events that explore this emerging theme. Speakers include many renowned practitioners – artists, designers and architects.

Oslo Lux is a pilot for a biennial festival and symposium containing elements that appeal to the general public, professional practice and academic research.

Organised by Ståle Stenslie and Anthony Rowe, with support from Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norsk Kulturråd and Atelier Nord.

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