One Stunt a Month :: Plasma


One Stunt a Month is a collaboration between designers Edith Isdal & Nick Stevens that started working together after completing their master at AHO Oslo in 2011.

With the intention (though not always achieved) of creating one piece a month, edith and nick pull ‘stunts’ which are location specific, ephemeral installations exploring diverse media, methods and expressions. The pieces are short lived, sometimes only lasting a few hours before being dismantled or even stolen, others are not even seen by the general public.

Plasma is a tangible installation inviting the user to engage, explore and play, transforming the courtyard of ROM into an interactive playground. Large glowing spheres can be rolled, kicked, bounced and sat on like adult moon hoppers creating a rapidly changing visual effect as the glowing contents traces its way around the rolling spheres. In keeping with the temporal nature of their previous artworks, once illuminated, the spheres will immediately start to decay and fade out over a few hours.

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