Ivar Smedstad :: ATELIER NORD

ilan katinIlan Katin, Counter.Repetition


Ivar Smedstad, Atelier Nord
Mapping Public Space is an initiative to promote the understanding and comprehension of time based art in public space. The technique Mapping offers the possibility of re-framing and adapting video projections to special contours and areas of a projection. This increased flexibility of adaption in combination with better and brighter video projectors opens for expanded use and presence of time based works of art in public space. By inviting international and Norwegian artists working within Mapping to produce site-specific video projections for selected locations in the public space, we wish to highlight this relatively new form of art. The project also seeks to encourage dialogue and exchange of ideas among different fields of art through public presentations and workshops. The Mapping technology offers a possibility to “break out of the frame”, meaning not being constrained to the rectangular frame dictated by industrial standards but rather explore ways of projecting onto three dimensional sculptural forms and architecture. In this spirit the projects seeks to plow new ground and investigate areas beyond “expanded cinema”.




Atelier Nord is a collaborating partner for Oslo LUX.

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