Christine Istad and Lisa Pacini, IstadPacini ArtLab

traveling sun

Christine Istad is working with photography, video and installation. She has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in both Norway and abroad. She has exhibited at a.o. KUBE Art Museum, Henie Onstad Art Center, Oslo Art Center, and Landmark Bergen Art Hall. Istad has made a series of public, site-specific projects such as; several landscape projects at Henie Onstad Art Center, DeFence, Oslo and Traveling SUN, Norway, UK and Iceland. She has participated at the regional exhibitions and her works have been purchased by a.o. KUBE Art Museum, Prime Ministers Office and LUAG Collection, PA, USA. She has received her education from Westerdals School of Communication and Parsons School of Design in New York. Istad has received a series of project grants, artist stipends and support from the government of Norway. She is part of the artist group Open Space.

Lisa Pacini is an American artist who has lived and worked in Norway for twenty-four years. Her work’s focus is primarily self-produced, public, site-specific projects. such as: The National Artist House, The Royal Palace Garden, The former Opera House and the Central Norwegian Government building, Oslo, Norway. She has been selected to participate in exhibitions in Germany and Holland and been a visiting artist at the Scandinavian institute in Rome and The American Academy in Rome. Her artwork has been purchased by, among others; LUAG Collection, PA, USA. Oslo Museum, Bærum Kommune and private collectors. She has received education from Rhode Island School of Design, Yale University, S.U.N.Y Purchase and The National Art Academy of Norway. Pacini has received a series of project grants, artist stipends and support from the government of Norway, Holland and Germany. 

Traveling SUN is a road trip and a site specific art project made by the artists Christine Istad and Lisa Pacini who wanted to bring the ‘SUN’ from Oslo to Tromsø, north of Norway as a gesture.

For those of us living in the north the sun or lack of it has an immense impact on our lives. Our aim with our art project is to bring light to dark places in the north during winter months, meet people and share with the rest of the world through social media the beauty of the unspoiled nature that is to be found in all of the Nordic countries.