Ilan Katin :: Ana X

ilan katin

Ana X is a site specific installation that utilizes projections and sound to form a dialog between us and the presence of those who may have once occupied the space, and perhaps still do.

Being aware of the historical significance of the space, we will use light and sound as a method for touching the walls and columns of the room. Given the nature of sound, we imagine it as bouncing off surfaces, with projection acting as a visual stimulation or intepretation, sometimes connected to the sound directly, other times not, so as to both defy and correspond with nature. We aim to communicate to the audience through the space, with the confidence that the space is an integral part of how we communicate.

The working title is derived from the current name of the space; ANX, and also represents the space as a person called ANA, the X being the variable used when abstaining from referring to ones last name.

Jasmine Guffond: sound

Ilan Katin: video

Ana X is being exhibited at ANX – Atelier Nord Annexe – and will run from Friday 8 Feb to Sunday 17 Feb – see for opening times and location

There will be a performance with Ilan Katin and Jasmine Guffond at ANX on Saturday 9 February at 19:00

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