Einar Sneve Martinussen


Einar Sneve Martinussen is an interaction designer and researcher working with technology, cities and everyday life. Einar is a part of a team at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design working with exploring and visualising invisible technological structures in cities, such as wireless networks, data-streams and satellite signals. Martinussen and his colleagues Timo Arnall and Jørn Knutsen are best know for visualising wireless networks in the film ‘Immaterials: Light painting WiFi’, that was first presented at Oslo LUX in 2011. This year Einar will present and exhibit an ongoing project about exploring and visualising how GPS takes place in urban environments. Here, Einar and the team have looked at the relationships between urban space, time and satellite-geometry, and design and develop instruments and techniques for visualising the presence and the fluctuations of satellite signals.

Einar Sneve Martinussen is taking a doctorate at AHO as a part of the research project YOUrban on networked cities and design, teaches various areas of interaction design and is a part of the design studio Voy.



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