Fontourist summary of Oslo LUX 2013!

We have a video and stills of the event coming soon but, in the meantime, this is something very special from Fontourist – also of this parish – the fifteen talks of the day each boiled into a single image. Fantastic!

Thank you sir – we salute you! xxx


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Submergence LUX after party

15 speakers at a sellout symposium, 12 artworks in two galleries, and more to come.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came – speakers, artists and the almost 200 people who attended the symposium at Oslo School of Architecture and Design, filling the large auditorium for a whirlwind tour of the cutting edge of light art, design and architecture.

Tonight, Ilan Katin, one of the speakers, is performing his latest piece Ana X at Atelier Nord’s Annex.

The gallery at Oslo School of Architecture and Design is open weekdays 0800-1500 until 15th February, and Squidsoup’s Submergence is on at ROM for Kunst og Arkitektur until Sunday 17th February. Opening times Wednesday-Sunday, 1400-1800.

Official photos and video to come, but in the meantime tag flickr photos OSLOLUX, or send us a link.


Image: Evan Roth, Laser Tag

The exhibitions are coming together, the speakers have begun arriving… less than 48 hours to go!

Registration for Oslo LUX 2013 opens at 0800 at Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) – directions HERE.

Please note that Oslo LUX 2013 starts at 0900, and we need to stay on time in order to be finished by around 1700. The gallery opening is at 1700 (also at AHO), then the evening kicks off at 1900 at ROM for Kunst og Arkitektur – directions HERE – where more works are exhibited.

Tickets are still available HERE.

See you Thursday morning

Oslo LUX 2013 – Artworks


In addition to FIFTEEN inspirational speakers, Oslo LUX 2013 will also be presenting TWELVE light-based works, across THREE venues!

At the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, the gallery space will contain four artworks that explore light and space in very different ways. Cuppatelli & Mendoza’s Notional Field is a stunning Mixed Media interactive projection piece; Ruairi Glynn’s The Lamppost and The Glowworm, an idiosyncratic take on surrealist Artificial Intelligence; Meghan Reynard’s beautiful take on light-based spatial intervention, Thicket; and Andy Graydon’s musing on presence and materiality, Band Pass.

Around the gallery, Marius Watz’ Prime Hex B will cast a light over the main corridor, and Einar Sneve Martinussen’s Satellite Lamps will be sensing and visualising GPS satellite signals in real time inside the auditorium. And Aarseth & Nesheim’s Nuun will be illuminating dark spaces with piped daylight in the Byggehalle.

ROM for Kunst og Arkitektur, a wonderful gallery space just down the road, is currently showing Submergence, a large new immersive and interactive piece by Squidsoup. This will be the venue for the evening LUX event, and Submergence will be accompanied by Semiconductor’s mesmerising Heliocentric, a film that uses the sun as focal point as it passes across the sky; Pretty Concrete’s sensuous and interactive Aurora Nebula will be tempting the elements outside, accompanied by the playful glow of One Stunt a Month’s Plasma balls.

And finally, Ilan Katin will be launching his latest project, Ana X, creating a dialogue between past and present, at Atelier Nord’s ANX, round the corner at Olaf Ryes Plas, the following day.

Tickets are still available HERE. We hope to see you on 7th February!

The three sites are very close to each other:



Oslo Lux 2013 will take place on Thursday 7th February 2013. The symposium will be at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, from  09:00 – 17:00. There will be an evening event at ROM for Kunst og Arkitektur, from 19:00. We hope to see you there – it is going to be an extraordinary day!

0900:     Welcome and Introduction. Karl Otto Ellefsen (Rector, AHO) and Stahl Stenslie

0920:     Open Source and Public Space. Evan Roth

1000:     Session 1: Light Art in Public Spaces.
.             Ivar Smedstad, Ilan Katin and Marius Watz.

1050:     Coffee

1110:     Session 2: Light, Experience and Responsive Spaces.
.             Elliot Woods (Kimchi and Chips), Meghan ReynardRuairi GlynnAnthony Rowe (Squidsoup).

1230:     Lunch

1315:     AHO Guest Lecture: Dominic Harris (Cinimod Studios)

1410:     Session 3: Light as Medium.
.             Cuppetelli and Mendoza, Joe Gerhardt (Semiconductor), HC Gilje

1520:     Coffee

1540:     Session 4: Light and Technology.
.             Liselott Stenfeldt, Einar Sneve Martinussen.

1620:     Spaxels: Pixels in Space. Horst Hörtner, Director, Ars Electronica Futurelab

1700:     Drinks and private view at Oslo School of Architecture and Design

1900:     Exhibits and drinks at ROM for Kunst og Arkitektur

Exhibition artworks

cuppetelli-mendoza_3aNotional Fields, by Cuppetelli and Mendoza

With festivities out of the way, Oslo Lux 2013 now looms, suddenly just a month away. We are very excited about the emerging lineup, which will feature a range of cutting edge talks and exhibits by leading artists, designers and architects from across the globe, and including a healthy contingent of Norwegian artists.

There is also an associated exhibition, with works on display by Cuppetelli & Mendoza, Ruairi Glynn, Semiconductor, Pretty Concrete, Andy Graydon, Meghan Reynard and new pieces by (among others) Marius Watz and Squidsoup. The exhibited works span two locations: the gallery at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (where the conference takes place) and at Galleri ROM, where the after conference evening event will happen.

Tickets are still available here for what will undoubtedly be a day of concentrated illumination and inspiration.

Spaxels, HC Gilje and Swingscape!

Spaxels - flying points of light (c) Ars Electronica Futurelab 2012

Spaxels – flying points of light (c) Ars Electronica Futurelab 2012

We are delighted to annouce three more contributors to what is going to be a sensational day of talks and artworks.

HC Gilje of this parish – one of Norway’s foremost artists working with light and space – returns to Oslo LUX to talk about his mesmerising recent lightworks. Liselott Stenfeldt from Aarhus’ Interactive Spaces Lab will be talking about their playful SwingScape intervention. And Horst Hörtner from Ars Electronica’s Futurelab will give us the low-down on the Spaxel volumetric swarm quadcopter flying LED phenomenon!!

Installations and events will be announced shortly.

Also, hurry (!) as today is the last day for the discounted EARLYBIRD tickets!

An exciting lineup, and there’s more to come!

Heliocentric, by Semiconductor (2010)

So far we have Dominic Harris (Cinimod Studio) who will be talking about how they fuse interactive art and architectural lighting design, and with a bit of an insight into how they flew a 50′ UFO weighing over 3 tons through central London a couple of weeks ago. Evan Roth will shed some light on laser tag and other light based graffiti projects in relation the open source movement and public space. Elliot Woods (Kimchi+Chips) and Anthony Rowe (Squidsoup) will be talking about their different approaches to creating light-based visual experiences that occupy physical 3D space. Joe Gerhardt (Semiconductor) will expand on how light is central to their films (literally central, in the case of Heliocentric). Ruairi Glynn will illuminate us on his work with mobile glowing tetrahedrons, and Cuppetelli and Mendoza will be showing and talking about their augmented projection piece Notional Field.

And remember – only three days left to save a whole lotta dosh and buy an earlybird ticket to Oslo LUX 2013 and hear what these people have to say AND see several examples of interactive light based experiential works. ALL proceeds go towards covering the running costs of the event, so your support is vital!