Oslo Lux 2013 will take place on Thursday 7th February 2013. The symposium will be at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, from  09:00 – 17:00. There will be an evening event at ROM for Kunst og Arkitektur, from 19:00. We hope to see you there – it is going to be an extraordinary day!

0900:     Welcome and Introduction. Karl Otto Ellefsen (Rector, AHO) and Stahl Stenslie

0920:     Open Source and Public Space. Evan Roth

1000:     Session 1: Light Art in Public Spaces.
.             Ivar Smedstad, Ilan Katin and Marius Watz.

1050:     Coffee

1110:     Session 2: Light, Experience and Responsive Spaces.
.             Elliot Woods (Kimchi and Chips), Meghan ReynardRuairi GlynnAnthony Rowe (Squidsoup).

1230:     Lunch

1315:     AHO Guest Lecture: Dominic Harris (Cinimod Studios)

1410:     Session 3: Light as Medium.
.             Cuppetelli and Mendoza, Joe Gerhardt (Semiconductor), HC Gilje

1520:     Coffee

1540:     Session 4: Light and Technology.
.             Liselott Stenfeldt, Einar Sneve Martinussen.

1620:     Spaxels: Pixels in Space. Horst Hörtner, Director, Ars Electronica Futurelab

1700:     Drinks and private view at Oslo School of Architecture and Design

1900:     Exhibits and drinks at ROM for Kunst og Arkitektur

Exhibition artworks

cuppetelli-mendoza_3aNotional Fields, by Cuppetelli and Mendoza

With festivities out of the way, Oslo Lux 2013 now looms, suddenly just a month away. We are very excited about the emerging lineup, which will feature a range of cutting edge talks and exhibits by leading artists, designers and architects from across the globe, and including a healthy contingent of Norwegian artists.

There is also an associated exhibition, with works on display by Cuppetelli & Mendoza, Ruairi Glynn, Semiconductor, Pretty Concrete, Andy Graydon, Meghan Reynard and new pieces by (among others) Marius Watz and Squidsoup. The exhibited works span two locations: the gallery at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (where the conference takes place) and at Galleri ROM, where the after conference evening event will happen.

Tickets are still available here for what will undoubtedly be a day of concentrated illumination and inspiration.

Spaxels, HC Gilje and Swingscape!

Spaxels - flying points of light (c) Ars Electronica Futurelab 2012

Spaxels – flying points of light (c) Ars Electronica Futurelab 2012

We are delighted to annouce three more contributors to what is going to be a sensational day of talks and artworks.

HC Gilje of this parish – one of Norway’s foremost artists working with light and space – returns to Oslo LUX to talk about his mesmerising recent lightworks. Liselott Stenfeldt from Aarhus’ Interactive Spaces Lab will be talking about their playful SwingScape intervention. And Horst Hörtner from Ars Electronica’s Futurelab will give us the low-down on the Spaxel volumetric swarm quadcopter flying LED phenomenon!!

Installations and events will be announced shortly.

Also, hurry (!) as today is the last day for the discounted EARLYBIRD tickets!

An exciting lineup, and there’s more to come!

Heliocentric, by Semiconductor (2010)

So far we have Dominic Harris (Cinimod Studio) who will be talking about how they fuse interactive art and architectural lighting design, and with a bit of an insight into how they flew a 50′ UFO weighing over 3 tons through central London a couple of weeks ago. Evan Roth will shed some light on laser tag and other light based graffiti projects in relation the open source movement and public space. Elliot Woods (Kimchi+Chips) and Anthony Rowe (Squidsoup) will be talking about their different approaches to creating light-based visual experiences that occupy physical 3D space. Joe Gerhardt (Semiconductor) will expand on how light is central to their films (literally central, in the case of Heliocentric). Ruairi Glynn will illuminate us on his work with mobile glowing tetrahedrons, and Cuppetelli and Mendoza will be showing and talking about their augmented projection piece Notional Field.

And remember – only three days left to save a whole lotta dosh and buy an earlybird ticket to Oslo LUX 2013 and hear what these people have to say AND see several examples of interactive light based experiential works. ALL proceeds go towards covering the running costs of the event, so your support is vital!

Announcing Oslo LUX 2013!

A one-day celebration of the intersections of LIGHT, SPACE and TECHNOLOGY

Thursday 7th February 2013. 

Oslo LUX 2013 will feature a range of national and international artists, designers and architects: lighting designers, interaction designers, interactive architects, media artists, installation artists and creative technologists from around the world will be presenting the latest trends and discoveries in this rapidly developing field.

The full line-up will be announced shortly, but this year’s presenters include Cinimod Studio’s Dominic Harris, Evan Roth, Semiconductor, Ruairi Glynn, Squidsoup, and Cristobal Mendoza + Annica Cuppatelli.

LUX is a series of conferences and associated exhibitions that probe the boundaries of light, space and interaction. The events explore recent developments in art, design and architecture in this fascinating and evolving area.

(image: London Eye Mood Conductor, courtesy Cinimod Studios)

The first Oslo LUX took place in January 2011, and consisted of 10 speakers working with light, space and technology. About half of the speakers also presented work in an associated exhibition that took place at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The format was then replicated in Wellington, New Zealand as WGTN LUX. Online details of the events at http://oslolux.no and http://lux.org.nz

Past events have been hugely enjoyable, informative and provocative, and so we are planning a slightly larger event this time – though still aiming to retain the intimacy of the original. Norway in February is cold but beautiful – we can promise a friendly and intimate atmosphere, and a memorable occasion.

Please subscribe here and also check out our Facebook page to get updates to the lineup of speakers and exhibited light-based artworks as more information becomes available.

A limited amount of earlybird tickets are available now at a discounted earlybird price. Note that at the last Oslo Lux tickets were sold out well in advance of the event, so book soon to avoid disappointment!

Oslo LUX 2013 pre-announcement

We are now working on the lineup for Oslo LUX 2013. In the meantime, a date for the diary:


is when Oslo LUX 2013 will happen. There will be talks during the day and an open air event in the brisk Oslo winter evening in central Oslo. It promises to be a fantastic day with an excellent lineup of top-notch international and Norwegian artists, designers and architects talking and presenting work.

More details soon!

Wellington LUX 2012 is happening RIGHT NOW in New Zealand – check out what is happening there at http://lux.org.nz/ and http://www.facebook.com/WellingtonLUX

Opera Lux 2012: Projection Mapping Workshop – Jan 30 to Feb 1 2012

Oslo Opera House as it may look

A Projection Mapping Workshop with Joanie Lemercier from AntiVJ about projected light in space, unusual projection formats and contexts, and about his work within the visual label AntiVJ.

This is a unique opportunity to get a hands-on approach with advanced Projection Mapping techniques and content production for architecture and in-situ audiovisual pieces. The workshop will explore the various artistic and technical aspects, as well as rules and constraints. The participants will study the structure of Oslo Opera House, try different tools and softwares (linear production and realtime tools) to generate visuals for its very specific architecture.

At the end of the workshop, there will be a night of projections tests on site, with a 10 000 lumens projector, and this will be an opportunity for workshop participants to visualise their images and content projected on a large scale on the Opera house.

The workshop starts with an open lecture by Joanie Lemercier at ANX (Olaf Ryes plass 2, inng. Sofienberggt. Oslo) on MONDAY JANUARY 30th 2012 at 19:00.

On Tuesday January 31st the workshop continues at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design before the night of projections starts at 23:00 outside at The Norwegian Opera.

Contact oslolux <at> gmail <dot> com if you would like to take part.

The event is organized by Ståle Stenslie and Anthony Rowe from Oslo Lux in cooperation with Atelier Nord, The Norwegian Opera & Ballet and Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Our 10 K projector is made available by ProjectionDesign

Opera Lux is financed by Norsk Kulturråd

Next stop Wellington, New Zealand!

image (c) Eddie Clemens 2011

The next LUX event is confirmed as taking place on 8-10 July 2011 in Wellington, New Zealand. The format will be similar to Oslo Lux – a mix of local and international artists, researchers, designers and architects will map out the overlaps of light, space and interaction. The event will take place over 2 1/2 days, and is timed to coincide with Te Aomarama, a Maori festival of light.

www.lux.org.nz for more information.

Oslo Lux 2011 – mission complete!

Oslo Lux 2011 was a sell-out one day seminar and associated exhibition that took place at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The event brought together many leading practitioners, students and researchers using technology and light in new and dynamic ways to map out the leading edge in visualisation and immersive techniques using light in physical space.

Thanks to all who attended; we had an excellent time, and enjoyed talks by a range of luminaries at the cross-section of light, space and interaction.

We will be putting some of the talks online in the coming weeks, together with a selection of images and videos.

Part of the exhibition (AntiVJ and Squidsoup) will continue in the AHO Gallery until Friday 28th January.

The final speakers timetable was:

1000 Welcome
1015 Introduction (Ståle Stenslie)
1030 Timo Arnall
1100 Kjetil Austvoll-Dahlgren, Stig Kjelvik – emerging practitioners
1130 Coffee
1145 Squidsoup (Anthony Rowe and Chris Bennewith)
1215 Adam Pruden (MIT Senseable Lab)
1245 Lunch
1315 AHO Guest Keynote: UnitedVisualArtists (Ben Kreukniet)
1415 coffee
1430 HC Gilje
1500 Birger Sevaldson and Natasha Barrett
1530 Marius Watz
1600 Keynote 2: AntiVJ (Joanie Lemercier and Simon Geilfus)
1645 Drinks and artworks, (indoors and out)
1830 Lighting the sky

The program can be accessed here

For more information, please email oslolux@gmail.com