Atelier Nord Workshops

image courtesy HC Gilje

Oslo Lux partners Atelier Nord have announced two workshop events:

19 Janury 2011 – 1900-2100
AntiVJ: hands on demos and discussion
Atelier Nord Project room

Joanie Lemercier and Simon Geilfus of AntiVJ will demonstrate and talk about two aspects of AntiVJ’s work, focusing particularly on dealing with live audiences and in public spaces. They will demonstrate software they have developed to capture audience interactions and cope with non-standard architectural projection surfaces.
Details to follow, or email office[a]


22-23 January 2011 – 1000-1600
HC Gilje: two day workshop
Atelier Nord Project room

Hands-on workshop using VPT, a flexible tool developed by Gilje. VPT is a free multipurpose realtime projection sofware tool for Mac and Windows. It may be used for projecting video on complex forms, adapt a projection to a particular space/surface, combine recorded and live footage, or for multiscreen HD playback.
More details HERE