AntiVJ is a visual label, initiated by a group of European-based artists whose work is focused on the use of projected light and its influence on perception.

Stepping away from standard set ups and techniques, AntiVJ presents live performances and installations to challenge the senses featuring video-mapping, tracking, stereoscopy and holographic illusions.

Taking visuals away from the restrictions of flat rectangular screens and into the real world, the label transforms objects, sculptures or buildings into hypnotising canvasses to create immersive site-specific experiences.

Over the last few years AntiVJ artists have been working on all kinds of projects, from large scale mapping projections (the Old Port’s metallic conveyor’s tower at Montreal’s Mutek festival; in Songdo, South Korea’s futuristic city-project; or on the 25m high baroque organ of the Cathedral of Breda) to installation work (the Light Sculpture installation series showcased at Club Transmediale ’07, Geneva’s Contemporary Art Center ’08 and New York’s Empac festival ’10) to space/stage scenography and audiovisual collaborations (developing tools to produce and control in real-time 3D stereoscopic content for French retro-futurist electronic band Principle of Geometry).

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