Oslo LUX

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Oslo LUX is a one day celebration of the intersections of LIGHT, SPACE and TECHNOLOGY. Event feature a range of national and international artists, designers, architects: lighting designers, interaction designers, interactive architects, media artists, installation artists and creative technologists from around the world will be presenting the latest trends and discoveries in this rapidly developing field.

Oslo LUX 2015 is the third such event in Oslo. Our sister event in New Zealand, Wellington LUX, is now preparing for their fifth event in as many years. The original LUX took place in Oslo in January 2011.

Oslo LUX was founded and is organised by Anthony Rowe and Ståle Stenslie, with support from Oslo School of Architecture and Design and Norsk Kulturråd. Additional organisation from Edith Isdal.

The prime objectives are to
• promote discussion and understanding of new and groundbreaking artistic expression that uses light and projections
• be the most important venue for experimental art using light in Norway and the Nordic countries.
• examine how lighting and projection-based art affects our understanding of space, our environment and architecture.

Oslo LUX is foremost an artistic event promoting and presenting the most innovative uses of light and projection to create art. At the heart of the project is the exhibition that displays important works of light-based expressions.

The seminar, attached to the exhibition, examines and discusses various often under-represented experimental tendencies. Considering how important media art has been in the Norwegian context there is also a growing need for an event that directly addresses these various new and emerging opportunities and trends.
The basic idea of Oslo Lux is to discuss emerging trends, and also to encourage innovation in art, design and architecture. Oslo LUX is becoming an important venue for artists, designers and architects to meet and exchange thoughts and ideas about experimental light-based art. The seminar will therefore place emphasis on creative expressions not usually found in a traditional context. Art with light has a long tradition, but new technologies and ways of expression have changed the way artists can express themselves.


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