Oslo LUX 2013 – Artworks


In addition to FIFTEEN inspirational speakers, Oslo LUX 2013 will also be presenting TWELVE light-based works, across THREE venues!

At the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, the gallery space will contain four artworks that explore light and space in very different ways. Cuppatelli & Mendoza’s Notional Field is a stunning Mixed Media interactive projection piece; Ruairi Glynn’s The Lamppost and The Glowworm, an idiosyncratic take on surrealist Artificial Intelligence; Meghan Reynard’s beautiful take on light-based spatial intervention, Thicket; and Andy Graydon’s musing on presence and materiality, Band Pass.

Around the gallery, Marius Watz’ Prime Hex B will cast a light over the main corridor, and Einar Sneve Martinussen’s Satellite Lamps will be sensing and visualising GPS satellite signals in real time inside the auditorium. And Aarseth & Nesheim’s Nuun will be illuminating dark spaces with piped daylight in the Byggehalle.

ROM for Kunst og Arkitektur, a wonderful gallery space just down the road, is currently showing Submergence, a large new immersive and interactive piece by Squidsoup. This will be the venue for the evening LUX event, and Submergence will be accompanied by Semiconductor’s mesmerising Heliocentric, a film that uses the sun as focal point as it passes across the sky; Pretty Concrete’s sensuous and interactive Aurora Nebula will be tempting the elements outside, accompanied by the playful glow of One Stunt a Month’s Plasma balls.

And finally, Ilan Katin will be launching his latest project, Ana X, creating a dialogue between past and present, at Atelier Nord’s ANX, round the corner at Olaf Ryes Plas, the following day.

Tickets are still available HERE. We hope to see you on 7th February!

The three sites are very close to each other: