An exciting lineup, and there’s more to come!

Heliocentric, by Semiconductor (2010)

So far we have Dominic Harris (Cinimod Studio) who will be talking about how they fuse interactive art and architectural lighting design, and with a bit of an insight into how they flew a 50′ UFO weighing over 3 tons through central London a couple of weeks ago. Evan Roth will shed some light on laser tag and other light based graffiti projects in relation the open source movement and public space. Elliot Woods (Kimchi+Chips) and Anthony Rowe (Squidsoup) will be talking about their different approaches to creating light-based visual experiences that occupy physical 3D space. Joe Gerhardt (Semiconductor) will expand on how light is central to their films (literally central, in the case of Heliocentric). Ruairi Glynn will illuminate us on his work with mobile glowing tetrahedrons, and Cuppetelli and Mendoza will be showing and talking about their augmented projection piece Notional Field.

And remember – only three days left to save a whole lotta dosh and buy an earlybird ticket to Oslo LUX 2013 and hear what these people have to say AND see several examples of interactive light based experiential works. ALL proceeds go towards covering the running costs of the event, so your support is vital!