Less than 48 hours to go


We are super excited about Friday. Plans are coming together, signs are going up, and various forms of luminescence are congregating at the AHO gallery in preparation for the big day.

There are still a few tickets left. We have had a couple of reports of Paypal playing up. If you are having problems buying a ticket, please email oslolux@gmail.com with your name and ticket type (full or student) and we’ll hold one for you.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see awesome speakers and artworks, including a keynote speech by Eduardo Kac and an expose on creating sunlight indoors using Coelux founder Paolo Di Trapani.

See you Friday!

Oslo Lux 2015


Location: Oslo School of Architecture and Design

OSLO LUX 2015 takes the International Year of Light beyond the electric bulb, investigating how BIOLUMINESCENCE and PHOSPHORESCENCE can be used in art, design and architecture.

OSLO LUX further investigates the ways that our environments have been altered using light technologies and how that affects us, our FUTURE, our WELL-BEING and our PERCEPTION of space and place, and even how artworks that GENERATE their own light can sustain LIFE itself.

OSLO LUX 2015 features a range of international and national artists, designers and architects working with light and creative technologies. They will be presenting the latest trends and discoveries in this rapidly developing field.

This year`s presenters include Eduardo Kac, Little Sun (Olafur Eliasson), Koo Jeong ANatasha Barret,  Paolo Di Trapani from CoeLux® as well as Antony Evans from glowingplant.com.

LUX is a series of conferences and associated exhibitions that probe the boundaries of light, space and interaction. The events explore recent developments in art, design and architecture in this fascinating and evolving area.

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Oslo LUX 2015 on the horizon!

We are delighted to announce Oslo LUX 2015 – the third in Oslo’s biennial symposium and exhibition on the use of light in art, design and architecture, supported by Norsk Kulturråd and Oslo School of Architecture and Design.


The theme for 2015 is NATURAL LIGHT // PHYSICAL LIGHT, casting its focus beyond the confines of the electric lightbulb and the LED. We look at how BIOLUMINESCENCE and PHOSPHORESCENCE have been used in art, design and civil engineering; we delve into artworks that capture SUNLIGHT and reappropriate it to their own ends; we look at the ways that our environments have been altered using light technologies and how that affects us, our future, our well-being and our PERCEPTION of space and place, and even how artworks that GENERATE their own light can sustain life itself.

This year’s Oslo LUX will be timed to coincide with Elvelangs, Oslo’s annual pilgrimage down the Akerselva River past myriad water and light attractions, that takes place on 24 September 2015. It also takes place during the UNESCO designated International Year of Light.

A preminary lineup will be announced soon, as well as how to get tickets to the event. Sign up for notification using the follow button (top right). In the meantime, our sister event on the other side of the planet is also gearing up for their next event: Wellington LUX 2015 will be happening this August – well worth the flight we say – or even better, there’s probably still time to get there by boat from Europe!


Lux continues to make waves. Our New Zealand sister event Wellington Lux is shaping up nicely for 21-24 June – both Ruairi Glynn and Kimchi&Chips are heading out for the event, together with Cornelia Erdmann, Pierre Proske and many more to be announced. Get down there if you can!

Also: Submergence, the Squidsoup installation shown at ROM as part of LUX, is now on show at Mapping Festival in Geneva. And Aurora Nebula, the projection onto lycra installation by Pretty Concrete, will be exhibited at this year’s Hove Festival.


Fontourist summary of Oslo LUX 2013!

We have a video and stills of the event coming soon but, in the meantime, this is something very special from Fontourist – also of this parish – the fifteen talks of the day each boiled into a single image. Fantastic!

Thank you sir – we salute you! xxx


Click on the image for a higher res version, or go HERE.

Each speaker’s image can also be seen individually HERE


Submergence LUX after party

15 speakers at a sellout symposium, 12 artworks in two galleries, and more to come.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came – speakers, artists and the almost 200 people who attended the symposium at Oslo School of Architecture and Design, filling the large auditorium for a whirlwind tour of the cutting edge of light art, design and architecture.

Tonight, Ilan Katin, one of the speakers, is performing his latest piece Ana X at Atelier Nord’s Annex.

The gallery at Oslo School of Architecture and Design is open weekdays 0800-1500 until 15th February, and Squidsoup’s Submergence is on at ROM for Kunst og Arkitektur until Sunday 17th February. Opening times Wednesday-Sunday, 1400-1800.

Official photos and video to come, but in the meantime tag flickr photos OSLOLUX, or send us a link.